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Elkay® Filtration Rewards Program

Elkay® Filtration Rewards Program helps you earn money. With every purchase of an Elkay filtered unit your organization can earn up to $40 per unit purchased and $10 for every filter kit purchased and vandal-resistant retrofit filtration kit purchased.

Program Dates: April 16, 2018 through July 16, 2018.

Qualified products: Filtered bottle fillers, filtered coolers, filtered fountains, vandal-resistant retrofit filtration kits and WaterSentry® filter kits.

There is a maximum rewarded: 50 combined units per organization/entity for bottle fillers, filtered coolers and filtered fountains from April 16, 2018 through July 16, 2018.

The Purchase Date of your qualified product must reflect Program Dates in order to receive reward.

Your organization is eligible for rewards when the Elkay products specified in the program are purchased direct through an Elkay authorized wholesaler/distributor or through a licensed contractor that purchased through an authorized wholesaler/distributor.

Any fraudulent or inaccurate claims will result in the cancellation of the program for the organization.

Elkay reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time without notice.


1. You must REGISTER yourself AND your organization in this program to receive the reward.
2. To claim a reward, an organization must fill out a Claim Form. A Claim Form must accompany all submittals for rewards.
3. The organization MUST list all serial numbers of qualified products purchased on the Claim Form. Only qualified products are eligible for the reward. You can find a list of qualifying products on the website.
4. Copies of all Sales Invoices that show the purchase of the products MUST be attached to the Claim Form, and include:
• Model number(s) of products being claimed for the reward
• Entity (organization) name purchasing the products
• Mailing Address of the organization
• Date of purchase
• Quantity
• Must have Serial Number
• Must have installed unit address

Important: Claims without invoices will not be processed. If you have questions, please contact: or call 866-553-3684.
5. Authorized sales must be the result of direct activity between the dedicated Elkay authorized wholesaler/distributor or through a licensed contractor that purchased through an authorized wholesaler/distributor and the end-user organization making the claim. Only the end-user organization qualifies for this reward. Individuals, including the distributor or wholesaler are ineligible.
6. You may submit your claims to MarketNet Associates, the Program Administrator, in any of these ways:
a. Upload to: (see website for instructions)
b. Via Fax: 800-501-3989
c. E-Mail copies to:
7. The organization must be the purchaser of the products, and is required to have the central role in the purchase process for each claim. Checks will only be made payable to a legal entity (organization).
8. Checks will be issued by MarketNet Associates, the program administrator for the program after review. Checks will be mailed within two weeks from the date of receipt of all your documentation (including invoices).
You may contact MarketNet Associates any of these ways:
• Phone: 866-553-3684
• Fax: 800-501-3989
• E-Mail:

Filter with Elkay